How It works

3 simple steps:

How we communicate

When you start working with us, we will create an account in Asana for you, where you can fill out your project requests. You will be notified when your new artwork is uploaded through your email

What you need to know

There are some basic pieces of info that we need before we start. Like: 

Where are you going to be using the artwork?
This helps us understand how to compose the layout. For example, in a Facebook Ad, an Instagram Story, a YouTube Ad, or a content piece.

What copy would you like on the ad?
You might copy, or you might like none - it's completely up to you!

Do you have a colour preference?
This might be based on the brand guidelines, or your own preference, it's over to your own suggestion. If you don't, that's fine too - our designers are super experienced in colour theory!

Do you have a logo that needs to be included?
Again, over to you 😄

But if you don't know what to ask for? No problem! We will give you some inspo files to get your juices flowing!

How many jobs can you get at one time?

When you start working with us, you are put into a design pipe, and you can pop as many projects into that pipe as you like.
We will work on 2 projects at a time, then once those two projects are completed, we get straight onto the next 2.
Got more questions? Click here to see our FAQs.

How do you know you're going to get quality?

We have a 12 point-Quality Checklist, and no artwork is presented to you without it passing that checklist.
The checklist covers areas like:
        • Following the brief to the letter
        • Dimension double check
        • Platform Guidelines
        • Design Principles
        • Clear space and anti-clutter
        • and more.



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